Confessions from the class of 2018


Tiara McIntosh ’18 confesses her sins before the end of the school year. Karina Badey ’19

I have napped in Miss Pan’s office every day this year.
I have cried in front of every teacher in the Math department.
If I’m wearing an out of school sweatshirt I carry my keys so Ms. O’Grady thinks I just got to school.
I look in people’s lockers for food.
I park in the faculty lot every day.
I’ve probably stolen a solid 10 pounds of food from the teacher’s cafeteria.

I’ve pulled the rope by the chapel.
When I forget my snack, I go down to the nurse’s office and say I have a stomach ache so she gives me food.
I always eat in the library and have gotten caught multiple times.
I wanted blue to be the senior color.
I cry every year at the teacher appreciation chapel.
I’ve slept in my uniform for 3 days in a row.
I actually like school.
– Compiled by Karina Badey, Arts and Entertainment Editor and Shantel Guzman, Sports and Health Editor
Featured Image by Karina Badey ’19