Seniors take their art beyond the heart


Sacred Heart Greenwich seniors Andy Bella and Nina Rosenblum will be creating their own paths at art school next year.  Andy will enhance her skills in animation at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), while Nina attends the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to continue her work in studio art and study environmental design.
Both students have created a portfolio of their work to send to schools as part of their applications.  A portfolio consists of ten to 24 works that represent a student’s skills as an artist.  Nina and Andy both attended various portfolio reviews at the Javits Center in New York City and took classes outside of school to develop their own college portfolios.

Andy’s sketchbook filled with characters she has created for her animations. Courtesy of Andy Bella ’18

It took over two years for Andy to fully complete her college portfolio; however, her hard work paid off as she will attend CalArts in the fall, majoring in Character Animation.  She had hoped to attend CalArts because of its animation program.  Many Pixar and Disney animation directors have come out of CalArts’ program; this particularly drew Andy towards the school.
Animation is Andy’s favorite type of art form because she believes that body language in motion and gestures conveys more than words can.  For Andy, creating animation is an escape that allows her to express her emotions.
“I like making art because it provides an outlet I’m unable to find anywhere else,” Andy said.  “When I create art I feel productive, valuable, and listened to.”
A piece of Nina’s artwork created with fluid paints. Nina Rosenblum ’18

At RISD, Nina plans to sharpen her skills as a studio artist and experiment with environmental design.  Most of Nina’s work consists of portraits using fluid paints, watercolor, and ink.
Nina expressed how art is a way to translate ideas onto paper through artistic imagery. Mexican artist Ms. Frida Kahlo inspires Nina’s work and aesthetic.  Nina explained how Ms. Kahlo used her art to address her own life struggles, as well as issues she observed in the world.  She highlights that Ms. Kahlo could convey an intense and mesmerizing message with her work, which Nina strives to achieve through her own art.
“Art is an extremely universal language that has the power to create great change in any culture,” Nina said. “I want to be a part of those who inspire in this way.”
– Isabella Quinson, Staff Writer
Featured Image by Karina Badey ’20