Former collegiate athlete, coach, and recruiter joins Sacred Heart Greenwich

Ms. Elizabeth Dennison brings her versatile knowledge of coaching, recruiting, and managing at the collegiate level to Sacred Heart Greenwich as the new Director of Athletics.  In her position, Ms. Dennison hopes to set a foundation for student-athletes looking to pursue sports after high school. 

Ms. Dennison’s background in collegiate sports began when she was recruited to row by Georgetown University.  Ms. Dennison was a collegiate rower from 2002 to 2006.  She was on the team for four years, rowed with the varsity eight for three years, and was the team captain for two years, according to

New Director of Athletics; Ms. Elizabeth Dennison. Courtesy of Sacred Heart Greenwich.

“I was recruited to row at Georgetown University – that experience, being a high school athlete, and then one that went through the recruiting process and competed for four years at my undergrad – I think just gives me that first-hand knowledge on what it is like to manage high school athletics and academics,” Ms. Dennison said.

After graduating from Georgetown, Ms. Dennison earned her Master of Public Administration from Syracuse University.  Later, Ms. Dennison returned to Syracuse and Georgetown and volunteered as an assistant coach of women’s rowing. 

After leaving Georgetown and Syracuse, Ms. Dennison began working for Cornell University.  Ms. Dennison worked at Cornell for nearly a decade as the Staley Head Coach of Women’s Rowing and more recently the Associate Director of Rowing, according to
After competing in and coaching Division I athletics, the community at Sacred Heart attracted Ms. Dennison and her husband. 

“Seeing how passionate the students, the parents, and the staff and faculty are about the school really drew us in and we wanted to be a part of that and contribute to that experience,” Ms. Dennison said. 

One of Ms. Dennison’s goals is to provide a platform for future college athletes by offering her knowledge about collegiate athletics to all students at Sacred Heart.

Leah Atkins ’20 welcomes Ms. Dennison to the green team at the annual Green and White team initiation ceremony.
Courtesy of Ms. Rachel Zurheide

“As a college coach, I was the lead recruiter for almost nine years, and I really understand what the process is from the coaches perspective, and from the collegiate side,” Ms. Dennison said.  “That intimate knowledge on what coaches are looking for, the timelines, the rules, just helps set our students up for success.”

Ms. Dennison wants to continue to get to know the student-athletes and the school on a more personal level. 

“My main goal is to really learn as much as I can about Sacred Heart. I think that it is a really unique, and special community,” Ms. Dennison said.  “It is a school that has had a lot of success in academics, athletics, and otherwise- and I want to be able to support and continue to expand that success in all areas.”

Ms. Dennison also hopes to expand opportunities for athletics to support lessons in the classroom.  Ms. Dennison believes that this will prepare students for success in future endeavors by teaching leadership, teamwork, and more.