Anatomy comes to life in the classroom


Sacred Heart Greenwich added a new Advanced Anatomy and Physiology course to the science curriculum, available for seniors. The course implements an Anatomage Table, which enables users to envision anatomy exactly as it would appear on real cadavers. The table allows students to access a wide variety of anatomical structures. It contains different presets of male and female models and even a dog model for students interested in veterinary anatomy. Many of the cadavers also include anatomical abnormalities so students can learn how to address a variety of real-world medical situations. 

The new Anatomage Table allows students to view the human skeleton and circulatory system. Courtesy of Adriana Arias ’19

Senior Meredith Wilson, who proposed the idea of the anatomy course, explained how the 3D cadaver has allowed her to connect more deeply with the study of anatomy.
“The 3D cadaver enhances learning by offering an interactive interface for anatomical exploration that is absent from textbooks,” Meredith said. “The digital cadaver provides students a meaningful and hands-on experience that improves their understanding and retention of anatomical topics.”
Senior Adriana Arias, a student of the Advanced Anatomy and Physiology course, discusses the interactive experience brought by the digital cadaver, saying that it has been a beneficial tool to enhance her learning.

Caroline Kelly ’19, Kirsten Petersson ’19, and Meredith Wilson ’19 collaborate on classwork in the new Anatomy class. Courtesy of Adriana Arias ’19

“In the new anatomy class, we study the 11 major systems in the human body: their structures and their functions,” Adriana said. “Using the new Anatomage Table, these topics are brought to life in 3D form. This interactive aspect has proved to be an extremely useful addition to the classroom, exciting and exposing students to a future in a medical career.”

In addition, to the specific anatomy course, the digital cadaver is also used in the Upper School’s biology classes. The table is not restricted to just the science classes and other students who are interested can access the new technology.

“As an AP Biology and AP Chemistry student I am looking forward to adding dimensionality to my courses by utilizing the new cadaver,” senior Claire Liddy said.  “Getting a hands-on learning experience in subjects I am passionate about will only further the superb educational experience Sacred Heart provides me with.”

Featured image by Natalie Dosmond ’21