The movie to beat; &quot:A Star Is Born"


Ms. Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga), a Convent of the Sacred Heart 91st Street alumna, showcases her acting prowess in her first major film role as Ally in A Star Is Born (2018), a film that The New York Times calls a “gorgeous heartbreaker.”  Prior to 2018, there have been three different versions of A Star Is Born.  Mr. Bradley Cooper co-wrote and made his directorial debut on the most recent iteration of the story and released the film October 5.

Mr. Bradley Cooper (Jackson Maine) and Lady Gaga (Ally) in a scene from A Star Is Born. Courtesy of James Mottram for

This rendering of A Star is Born tells the captivating love story of Jackson Maine (Mr. Cooper) and Ally (Lady Gaga).  Jackson is a famous country-rock musician who suffers from alcohol addiction.  In the film, he falls for Ally, a lonely, and insecure singer with aspirations to succeed as a performer.  Jackson and Ally’s story is a tragic one, but also represents the deep and emotional connection that these two individuals share.   

The most compelling aspect of A Star Is Born is that the male lead, Jackson Maine, fell in love with Ally based on her voice, spirited charisma, and creativity; not her appearance.  A Star Is Born explores the themes of societal expectations and beauty standards by demonstrating Ally’s journey as Jackson exposes her to modern fame. The natural and undeniable chemistry between Jackson and Ally creates an instant emotional attachment with the audience. 

The musical elements of the film are very endearing.  The lyrics and heartwarming performances that Jackson and Ally give allow the viewers to be further convinced of their love every time they sing together.

After attending Sean Parker’s cancer benefit and witnessing Lady Gaga sing “La Vie en Rose” live, Mr. Cooper knew he wanted Lady Gaga to be in his film.  After the benefit, Mr. Cooper went to Lady Gaga’s house to discuss the movie with her, and they immediately had a connection, according to  Lady Gaga brought Mr. Cooper over to her white piano, and they began to sing “Midnight Special” together.  This was when they both discovered he had a tremendous singing voice.

“I just stopped playing instantly and I looked at him and said, ‘Bradley, your voice is incredible.  You have a real voice,'” Lady Gaga said, according to  “He sings from his soul.”  

Mr. Cooper and Lady Gaga walked the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival Premiere. Courtesy of David Sexton for

Mr. Cooper and Lady Gaga’s vocals became a catalyst for an astounding film.  The first time they sang together in the film, their voices persuaded the audience into believing their story.  Not only did they have on-screen chemistry, but Mr. Cooper and Lady Gaga demonstrated this connection off-screen as well. 

“I made a friend for life,” Mr. Cooper said, according to  “As great as this movie was the thing that I think I’ll take away forever is the relationship I have with her because she is an incredible person.  I’m very lucky to have worked with her.” 

Due to the unique soundtrack and cast of the film, it has been tremendously successful.  Just three weeks after its initial release the movie has made 206.2 million dollars worldwide, according to  The Billboard 200 charts ranked the film’s soundtrack as the number one album in the United States for two consecutive weeks as of October 8, the film’s opening week, according to

“Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’ just became the movie to beat at the Oscars,” according to

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