"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Emma Pope ’21

How many Mother Daughter liturgies have you attended and what is your favorite Mother Daughter liturgy memory?

“I’ve been at Sacred Heart for eleven years now, so I guess I’ve attended every Mother Daughter liturgy since then.  I don’t really have a favorite memory from any specific liturgy, but my most memorable ones are from when I am singing in either Madrigals, Nightingales, or any other school choir group.  Not only does it make me feel amazing when I sing along with my friends to a song that we have polished and prepared months in advance, but I find I am filled with utmost purpose when I see my mom’s glistening smile in the audience during our performances.”

What is the value of receiving your Mater Medal this year?

“Growing up as a Christian in today’s day and age has been a confusing time for me, seeing as I’ve had to deal with a lot of questionable events in society that conflict with what I believe and how I act because of that.  In my eyes, receiving my Mater Medal this year is a metaphor for how Sacred Heart has helped enrich my faith in God and strengthen the perseverance to choose the right from the wrong in my everyday life.”

What is the importance of Mater to you?

“Mater, or Mary as we more commonly know her, is important to me because of her role as the mother of Christ.  Not only is she a saint for bringing our teacher into this world, but she is truly someone that I look up to as she has always worked to bring her best self into life and walk side by side with God.  Just the thought of having the Mater Medal around my neck is a little bit mind-boggling to me as it makes me feel as if I am walking with Mater by my side.  To be quite honest though, I think that might be what that Sacred Heart has in mind, as if Mater would symbolize a role model to follow through the medal we are presented with.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks Emma Pope ’21 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Christine Guido, News Editor
– Compiled by Christine Guido, News Editor