Seniors celebrate their last Mother Daughter Liturgy

Tuesday, October 16, the mothers of the Sacred Heart Greenwich community gathered with their daughters at the annual Mother Daughter Liturgy. The senior class observed their last Mother Daughter Liturgy together by reflecting on their time in the Upper School, while members of the sophomore class, new juniors, and an exchange student received their Mater Admirabilis medals.
During the liturgy, mothers and daughters sang, prayed, and reflected together. As is tradition, attendees heard a reflection from a member of the class of 2019 and her mother. Senior Juliana Collins and her mom Mrs. Jacqueline Collins spoke. They spoke about their love and appreciation for each other and for the Sacred Heart community.

Father Cavoto blessed the Mater medals before the sophomore class received them.
Caroline Baranello ’20

“Sacred Heart has given the senior class the tools and confidence to make a difference in this world,” Mrs. Collins said. “It is here at Sacred Heart where since Pre-K Juliana was taught the importance of prayer and developed her strong faith.”

Dean of Upper School Faculty and Curriculum Mrs. Jayne Collins also gave a reflection about what Mater means to her, and her experience visiting the original fresco of Mater in Rome, Italy. 


“To pray in the presence of this fresco, to see the names of so many Sacred Heart alumnae who have visited this holy place and written in the guest book, increased my realization of how blessed we are to be member of the Global Network of Sacred Heart Schools and to have Mater Admirabilis as our Mother and Protector,” Mrs. Collins said.

Mater medals are a physical reminder of the strong bond each Sacred Heart student has with Mater.  The medals are a representation of a relationship with Mater and of a Sacred Heart education.  Senior Lily Brown shared how she cherishes her Mater medal, and what it means to her.

“Everyday when I wear my Mater medal, it is a daily reminder to exhibit the characteristics that Mary has, such as grace, love, and compassion towards others,” Lily said. “When I look at my Mater medal, I am reminded of the special day I received it when I was gathered with the members of my class and my mom.”

Senior Sara Hecht used this liturgy as an opportunity to give back to the greater community, more specifically, to mothers in need. Sara reached out to the school community and asked for donations of shampoo, toothpaste, and soap for the Saint Joseph’s Parenting Center. Saint Joseph’s Parenting Center is a non-profit organization in Stamford, Connecticut whose goal is to educate families that may be at risk of child neglect. The Saint Joseph’s Parenting Center offers several services for families such as parenting classes, hot meals, and also access to a food pantry. 

Sacred Heart Greenwich’s madrigals sang “Yemaya” as the communion meditation.
Caroline Baranello ’20

Sara Hecht started the drive two years ago. During her sophomore year, Sara asked Upper School Theology Teacher, Director of Upper School Social Justice and Service and Peer Leadership Co-Moderator Mrs. Kerry Bader if she could hold the drive in conjunction with the Mother Daughter Liturgy.

“For me personally, the drive deepens my relationship with my own mother as she teaches at Saint Joseph’s Parenting Center as a volunteer instructor,” Sara said. “Being able to assist her in her service makes this drive dear to me and hope it will continue to be an annual event after for graduation.”

The senior class participated in this Mother Daughter liturgy in a variety of ways.  The fall senior captains brought the gifts to the altar during the offertory procession, and eucharistic ministers assisted the priest in distributing communion. To conclude the mass, members of the senior class presented their mothers with long-stemmed pink roses.

“Liturgies at Sacred Heart remind me that it’s important to take a break from my crazy schedule to pause and pray with the community around me,” senior eucharistic minister Sara Micciulli said. “Being a Eucharistic minister has taught me how valuable prayer is and to cherish every liturgy that I participate in.”

Featured Image by Juliana Collins ’19