Students Attend International Day of the Girl at the United Nations

In honor of International Day of the Girl Thursday, October 11, 17 Sacred Heart Greenwich students traveled to the United Nations (UN) in New York City to discuss and celebrate with other girls. The “Girls Speak Out Summit,” focused on helping girls around the world overcome challenges in the workplace. This summit showcased female activists from around the world describing to UN officials the types of work they do in their communities to raise awareness for women’s rights.

Sacred Heart students traveled to the United Nations in New York City for the International Day of the Girl.
Courtesy of Gigi Jervis ’19

The purpose of International Day of the Girl is to expand working opportunities for young women and introduce new ideas on how to prepare them for future jobs and career paths. In today’s world, many young women are unemployed or lacking training in a particular area. Approximately 600 million young girls are entering the workforce where they will receive little or no pay, according to 

UN Secretary-General António Guterres shared his thoughts on the meaning of International Day of the Girl and how he hopes this event will continue to inspire young women in the world.

“On this International Day of the Girl, let us recommit to supporting every girl to develop her skills, enter the workforce on equal terms, and reach her full potential,” Mr. Guterres said, according to 

The day began with an introduction to the work of the UN’s non-governmental organizations (NGO). A UN NGO is an organization that seeks to promote or achieve some social good in the community.

Students sat at their own desk inside the United Nations before the International Day of the Girl presentation began. 
Courtesy of Gigi Jervis ’19

Director of Upper School Campus Ministry Mrs. Maureen Considine was a chaperone on the trip, along with Communications Associate Ms. Rachel Zurheide and Upper School Theology Department Chair and Teacher Mrs. Phyllis Pregiato. Mrs. Considine hopes that the Sacred Heart students gained a greater appreciation for the role that NGOs, such as the Society of the Sacred Heart, can have in advancing the development of the importance of women in the workplace.

“My favorite part about traveling to the UN with Sacred Heart students was the enthusiasm that everyone felt being part of this trip,” Mrs. Considine said. “Sister Sheila Smith, the Society of the Sacred Heart’s representative at the UN, invited us to attend, and we had an overwhelming response.”

Mrs. Considine explained that while 17 students attended, there were still another 20 students on the waiting list.  However, she was thrilled to see the enthusiasm Sacred Heart student’s demonstrated.

“Our student body is very committed to becoming global citizens and making the connection that Madeleine Sophie did hundreds of years ago—namely that by educating women, the world will become a better place,” Mrs. Considine said.

Senior Claire Liddy shared her thoughts on participating in the “Girls Speak Out Summit” at the UN and how she enjoyed being surrounded by so many passionate women. 

“My favorite part was when we first walked into the room. Music was blaring and, a bunch of the keynote speakers were dancing and singing around the discussion floor,” Claire said. “It was really amazing to walk into an environment where everyone was clearly so passionate and happy to be there.”

Featured Image by Juliana Collins ’19