"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Olivia Andrews ’20

What is Intersections?

“Intersections is a lunchtime conversation group that aims to foster discussions on a wide range of student-generated topics.  Connected to goal three, “a social awareness which impels to action,” we provide a space for students to actively discuss issues that they are passionate about or learn about a topic that may be new for them.  So far, we have talked about racial representation in film, but in the future, we plan to discuss the MeToo movement, gun reform, feminism and the church, mental health, and more.”

What gave you and your classmates the idea to create Intersections?

“The idea to create Intersections came from the working group comprised of faculty and administrators.  [Juniors] Kate Murray, Sally Carter, [sophomore] Alana Fredrick, [freshmen] Kayla Malcolm-Joseph, and I built off of it.  As we planned the club we were very conscious of focusing on ideas that students at our school were most interested in discussing.  We also made sure to create a space where people with an array of different perspectives and stances felt comfortable contributing their ideas.”

Why should Upper School students join Intersections?
“Students should join Intersections because it is an opportunity not only to express your opinions, but also to ask questions about challenging topics and learn from your peers.  Though we have only had a few meetings, I am already blown away by the amazing insights of participants and I look forward to seeing the group continue to grow.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Olivia Andrews ’20 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”