Staying active during the winter months

During the winter months, Americans are more likely to stay inside due to the cold weather.  Although winter may bring health challenges, eating healthy and staying active throughout the season help promote wellness.  Even though it may be cold outside, there are many forms of exercise classes such as cycling, running, and even hot yoga to help people to stay in shape during the cold, winter months.  Sacred Heart Greenwich offers several sports during the winter including basketball, squash, swimming, and diving, along with advice on how to stay fit and healthy from Head Athletic Trainer Ms. Dawn Macri.

A healthy fruit salad to eat during the winter to improve the immune system.
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Eating antioxidant foods such as fruits and vegetables can improve immune support, according to  Fresh fruits and vegetables improve the body’s immune system which helps to fight off illness, according to  During the flu season, it is even more important to eat healthy since around 9.3 million Americans get the flu, according to   Many citrus fruits such as lemons or grapefruits provide the body with Vitamin C for winter diets, according to  Additionally, foods containing Vitamin D such as salmon and sardines can boost your immune system, according to

Along with healthy food options, cycling, hot yoga, and spin classes are a great way to stay active during the winter.  These classes not only burn calories but also provide community for exercise support.  SoulCycle is a 45-minute cycling class that features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training, and rhythm-based choreography, according to

SoulCycle classes are open throughout the United States and Canada, bringing fitness to almost everyone. The classes are $36 each and renting shoes and water is available in the studio.

Hot Yoga is a form of yoga taken in a heated studio that can be between 90 to one hundred degrees while practicing several different poses.  This form of yoga requires lengthy and sustained contractions of all major muscle groups, according to

Sacred Heart Greenwich student staying active in the winter by swimming.
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Bikram Yoga located in Rye Brook, New York offers over 30 classes a week and welcomes all levels. A single class is $28 and a student discount is available. Yoga mats and towels are also available to rent in the studio. 

A cost-efficient way to stay active is running or jogging outside. Working out outside allows the body to get fresh air and perhaps sunshine. Layering is an essential part of running outside because it keeps runners dry and warm, while also having a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, according to

Sacred Heart Greenwich high school students are able to participate in winter sports practicing five days a week for two hours with games or meets on weekends.  Head Athletic Trainer Ms. Macri shared advice on how to stay active throughout the winter. She also discussed how there are many applications that are available to use at home to help keep moving and staying active during these winter months.

“There are so many apps you can use at home to help keep yourself moving during these months that no one wants to go outside,” Ms. Macri said. “Clean eating is [also] the most important thing you can do for your body. I am a big supporter of prepping a bunch of roasted veggies and lean protein at the beginning of each week so that I always have some healthy options ready.”

Featured Image by Juliana Collins ’19