Sacred Heart sports get ready for the Spring season

Sacred Heart Greenwich’s rowing and lacrosse teams journeyed to Florida Sunday, March 17 to train for the spring season.  In addition to the Florida training trips, the tennis teams held practice close to home in New York.

This was the first time the rowing teams trained over spring break. They spent the week at Nathan Benderson Park (NBP) in Sarasota, Florida.

Rowers competing at Nathan Benderson Park in 2017.  Courtesy of

NBP is a world-class, multi-use sports venue.  It offers rowers a 400-acre lake, featuring a Federation class Internationale Societes d’Aviron (FISA) Class A two-thousand-meter sprint rowing and training course, which is the only track of its kind in North America, according to

Junior and rowing team member Olivia Andrews, believes that the spring training trip provided the team an opportunity to bond heading into the spring season.

“During the spring training trip, we had two and a half hour practices and rowed about 30 kilometers every day,” Olivia said.  “It has really helped everyone on the team work on their technique and has brought us all closer together.”

In nearby Bradenton, Florida at IMG, the lacrosse teams participated in competitive matches with the IMG girls’ lacrosse team and five other teams in a Round Robin Tournament. There was also guided training involving strengthening physical and mental fitness and a leadership session.  IMG Academy is the leading destination for professional athletes and teams seeking year-round development and training.  By providing an environment that highlights athletics, training athletes are able to focus completely on achieving their goals, according to

The varsity lacrosse team posing for a picture in Bradenton, Florida at IMG.  Amelia Sheehan ’20

In anticipation of the trip, senior Athena Corroon, one of three varsity lacrosse captains, said that the spring training trip would encouraged teamwork for the upcoming season and that she is excited to learn even more about the team and the sport.

“I am most looking forward to learning new skills and working as a team this season,” Athena said.  “Teamwork is extremely important in all sports, especially lacrosse.  Without it, it is almost impossible to play well.”

Several members from junior varsity and varsity tennis participated in training at the Sound Shore Indoor Tennis in Port Chester, New York to prepare for the upcoming Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA) season.

Ms. Sabina O’Reilly, Middle School English Teacher and Assistant lacrosse coach said that as a coach she is most looking forward to her teams playing dynamic as the underclassmen join the team.  She is happy they had the time to develop as a team over the break.

“As coaches, we are most looking forward to getting to know how our team plays together and having the opportunity to work through new concepts, plays, and sets as a team,” Ms. O’Reilly said.  “It’s always fun to see how the team changes year to year, as underclassmen become leaders on the team and freshmen join the squad for the first time.”

Featured image by Christine Guido ’20