Delia Hughes ’17 on track for success


Delia Hughes ’17 is making her mark on the music world.  She released her first single “Wanted” February 5, 2019.  Her commitment to balancing her passion for music and her education inspired her to share her song with the public.

The cover image of Delia Hughes’ new single, “Wanted.”  Courtesy of

Delia, who publishes music under the pseudonym Delia Jane, is currently a sophomore at Bucknell University, double-majoring in Composition and Women’s & Gender Studies.  During the summers before her junior and senior years at Sacred Heart, Delia attended the Berklee College of Music guitar camps.  Delia’s camp experiences inspired her to write music.  At the camp before her senior year at Sacred Heart, Delia crafted her first-ever released song, “Wanted.” 
Currently, “Wanted” has over 75,000 listens on Spotify.  Although the single had immediate recognition and success, Delia was hesitant to release her first song.
“I was really nervous to release ‘Wanted,’” Delia said. “When I write songs they’re usually coming from a very honest and vulnerable place so it felt like I was letting go of something big, but it ended up being a really cool moment.” 

While at Sacred Heart, Delia used her passion for music to create the club Voices Touching Hearts.  Delia and her classmates performed at nursing homes to engage patients while also sharing their enjoyment of music.  Delia appreciates using music as a way to connect with those around her and carries those ideals with her at college.

“The most rewarding part of songwriting for me is to use it as a way to reach people,” Delia said.  “I love music because it makes me feel understood and connected to the people in my life.  It helps me understand how I feel and process everything around me.”

Delia Hughes ’17 alongside her acapella group, “Beyond Unison.”  Courtesy of Delia Hughes ’17

Delia is a member of a co-educational acapella group at Bucknell.  This opportunity allows her to sing and perform with people who share similar passions.  Delia believes that music requires collaboration and connection with other people, which she explores through singing and writing with her classmates.

As she continues to learn about music and songwriting in her educational experiences, Delia hopes to share more of her writing with the public.

“I am releasing more music soon,” Delia said.  “I’m not sure what I want to do after college yet, but I’m thinking about either Music Therapy or Film Scoring/Songwriting.”

Featured Image by Amelia Sheehan ’20