A month of poems: Day eight

This April is the 24th National Poetry Month, a celebration established and organized by the Academy of American Poets.  Throughout the month, there are a number of specific events including Poem in Your Pocket Day, April 18, and the Dear Poet project.  Every school day this month, the King Street Chronicle will publish one poem in honor of National Poetry Month.


Courtesy of favim.com

i want blue eyes

Laura Ferrucci ’19

i want blue eyes

glistening like moon ripples on

mirrored lakes

i want blue eyes

burning like sapphire flames

in the furnace of half-baked


blue eyes

that churn glittering snow

and overflow


blue eyes


liquified winter skies

dripping, seeping sorrow

wings of iridescent dragonflies

fountains in secret grottos

blue eyes

like yours


            in their own ocean labyrinths

            in thought

            in other dimensions

where brown eyes

            cannot follow

sometimes i think

that maybe

if my eyes were blue


maybe you would

take me with you


            take me with you


– Sydney Kim, Opinions Editor

Featured Image by Sydney Kim ’20