"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Ms. Kev Filmore

What inspired your idea of “The Home Project?”
“I was very fortunate to be granted a year-long Vivian Pomex Sabbatical last year.  During that time I worked on completing my autobiographical series 21 Magnolia Rd.  This was my childhood address in the sixties.  I used artifacts and old pictures from that time to tell my story.  The work shown in this exhibition combines some of my work with that of my students.  We are pleased to share it with [the community] and grateful for the opportunity.”
How did you incorporate your students into “The Home Project?” 
“Upon returning to school this year, I asked my students to make an image that represented what home meant to them and to reflect on its personal meaning.  After all, home is more than a structure to most of us.  How could they illustrate this concept using photography?  We made large prints and matted them, and I installed the work with mine in our gallery.  Together, I think there is much to glean in the collection about our various definitions of home.”
What was your most memorable moment during the process of creating your project on sabbatical?
“I made a handmade limited edition book, which sold out very quickly, to showcase the work and it is currently at the Griffin Museum of Photography in an exhibit of the top self-published photo books of the year.  I had a solo exhibit last April, and that was always something I dreamed of.  The series will be at the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts for another solo exhibit this May.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks Upper School Photography Teacher Ms. Kev Filmore for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Christine Guido, News Editor
-Compiled by Christine Guido, News Editor