Parting is such sweet sorrow

After four years at Sacred Heart Greenwich, Upper School English Teacher Dr. Allison Alberts will move to San Mateo, California. She will continue her teaching career and support her husband as he pursues his dream job.  Currently, Dr. Alberts teaches ninth-grade Foundations of Literature.  She has made an impact on all her students throughout her time at Sacred Heart, especially her first class: the Class of 2019.

Dr. Alberts will continue teaching Upper School English at the Nueva School in San Mateo.  The Nueva School is an independent, pre-kindergarten to twelfth-grade school that helps facilitate the growth and development of gifted learners, according to

Dr. Alberts believes that the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria have helped her become a better teacher during her time at Sacred Heart.  Although she only instructs freshmen and does not have the opportunity to see students continue to grow academically in the classroom, she sees how they involve themselves in the community outside of their schoolwork. 

“I am always very proud to see my students excelling in other ways – through the arts, student council and other leadership positions, sports, and now, with the seniors, acceptance to college,” Dr. Alberts said.

Dr. Alberts sharing notes with one of her freshmen Foundations of Literature classes.  Juliana Collins ’19

Dr. Alberts set a steady foundation for many Upper School Literature students.  In her inaugural year at Sacred Heart, Dr. Alberts taught the Class of 2019, who believe that she set them on a path of success in their respective English classes.  Senior Lily Brown will miss Dr. Alberts’ presence at school, but she is excited to see how she continues her teaching career in California.

“Dr. Alberts was always available as a teacher to meet with me about an essay or project and guide me through any difficulties I may have been facing,” Lily said.  “While I will miss seeing her at school, I hope she has a wonderful time at her new job and brings her talents to San Francisco.”

After her first year at Sacred Heart, Dr. Alberts became an advisor to the incoming freshmen, now the junior class.  Dr. Alberts and her advisees have developed a strong connection through their three years spent together.  Junior Mae Harkins is part of Dr. Alberts’ advisory and appreciates having her as a role model at school.

“Dr. Alberts has been the most wonderful teacher, friend, and mentor I could have ever wished for,” Mae said.  “Both in and out of the classroom, she has taught me to keep an open mind, love each word of literature, laugh heartily, and how to do all three at the same time.  I will miss her dearly next year and in the years to come, but I am glad that she will continue to touch many students’ lives as she has touched my own.”

Dr. Alberts has created an atmosphere of enthusiasm and passion that is evident to all her students and other members of the English department.  Upper School English Teacher and Chair Department of English Dr. William Mottolese shared his thoughts on Dr. Alberts and her contributions to the English Department. 

“I will miss Dr. Alberts so much,” Dr. Mottolese said.  “We pretty much share an office together.  She is such a creative thinker, and I will miss how excited she gets about her students, and our conversations about new teaching ideas or books that we both love.  She inspires me and helps me grow as a teacher, and she is always positive.  She has become such an important part of our English department that I don’t want to think about what our department will be like without her.  There is no doubt that she will leave a space in our school community that will be hard to fill.”

Featured Image by Juliana Collins ’19