Sacred Heart Greenwich installs new path connecting athletic fields

Sacred Heart Greenwich recently renovated its paths near the Magnetti and Sheehan Fields to eliminate safety and logistical issues for student-athletes.  The new path provides convenient access to the soccer and softball fields on the main campus. 
Before the improved path, members of the Sacred Heart community had to walk across the sides of the turf fields, at times during athletic games and practices, to reach the soccer and softball fields.  This caused several safety issues for athletes and spectators.  The refurbished path resolves these concerns.

Mr. Wilford Smyers, Grounds Foreman, Ms. Elizabeth Dennison, Director of Athletics, and Ms. Carolina Gelbman, Athletics Coordinator, designed the path to eliminate foot traffic and safety hazards on the turf fields.  

The varsity lacrosse team using the new path to get to the fields Jacey Heffernan ‘21

The path is made of recyclable material such as wood chips from tree pruning at Sacred Heart and nearby Fairview Country Club, as well as gravel reused from an earlier roof project at Sacred Heart.  Mr. Smyers is thrilled that the new path is part of the campus’ environment. 

“We wanted to minimize any disruption to the woodland areas and already had a rough cross country path at our disposal,” Mr. Smyers said.  “We also wanted to make the path natural and functional at the same time. Wood chips can be used as cross country courses, therefore it can still be a part of the cross country course.”

Featured Image by Jacey Heffernan ’21