Senior Superlatives 2019

Sydney Gallop ’20

1. Most likely to become President of the United States:
Ludnie Rene
Runner-up: Emma Butler

2. Most likely to be a famous YouTuber:
Shantel Guzman
Runner-up: Olivia Batal

3. Most likely to wear her uniform in college:
Adriana Arias
Runner-up: Olivia Wise

4. Most likely to become Instagram famous:
Grace Danahy
Runner-up: Olivia Teklits

5. Most likely to publish a book:
Cara Janney
Runner-up: Laura Ferrucci

6. Most likely to start her own clothing line:
Bianca Massello
Runner-up: Katelin Ulmer

7. Most likely to be an Olympic athlete:
Ryan Smith
Runner-up: Athena Corroon

8. Most likely to have her own reality TV show:
Olivia Wise
Runner-up: Ava Salazar

9. Most likely to marry her high school sweetheart:
Gigi Jervis
Runner-up: Juliana Collins

10. Most likely to live in a foreign country:
Lexi Herrmann
Runner-up: Katherine Santoro

11. Most likely to start her own company:
Claire Liddy and Meredith Wilson (tie)
Runner-up: Kristen Walsh

12. Most likely to win the New York Marathon:
Gabby Davitch
Runner-up: Mary Anne Gallagher

13. Most likely to have her own art exhibit:
Teaken Haggerty
Runner-up: Emma Butler

14. Most likely to be a Broadway star:
Sara Hecht
Runner-up: Meredith Wilson

15. Most likely to work at Sacred Heart:
Daisy Steinthal
Runner-up: Catherine Hamilton

– Compiled by Sydney Gallop, Features Editor
Featured Image by Sydney Gallop ’20