The Editorial Board takes journalism beyond the Heart

Seniors Shantel Guzman, Karina Badey, Daisy Steinthal, Juliana Collins, and Katherine Santoro, current members of the King Street Chronicle (KSC) Editorial Board, plan on pursuing journalism throughout their college careers.  These seniors’ work on the student-run newspaper has given them experiences collaborating, communicating, reporting, and writing, fueling their desire to be journalists after they depart from Sacred Heart Greenwich.

Shantel, Content Editor and Livestream Manager, has enjoyed working with staff writers and section editors during her time on the KSC. She has published a range of pieces from all sections of the newspaper and is looking forward to pursuing journalism at Fairfield University.

“Collaborating with students in all grades in order to publish both my articles and theirs, and having the opportunity to explore various facets of the journalism world has helped me understand what part of journalism I want to pursue,” Shantel said.  “I am excited to continue this passion for journalism at Fairfield University under their Digital Journalism major and hopefully double majoring in Film.”

All five members of the Editorial Board are pursuing studies in the journalistic field next year.  Daisy Steinthal ’19

Karina, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor, discovered her interest in journalism as she learned from and collaborated with other journalism members. 

“It was when I joined the Journalism class at Sacred Heart that I recognized my passion for journalism,” Karina said.  “I really enjoy the collaborative environment and working as a unit with others to achieve a common goal: producing great work.”

Karina’s experience with the KSC’s staff has led her to study Journalistic Reporting and Strategic Communication, as a double-major, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison next year.  By taking Journalism as an elective, Karina was able to develop her own journalistic voice and understand the value of teamwork.

“Most of what I’ll be studying is very dependent on teamwork, and collaborative skills are one of the greatest things I’ve learned from the KSC,” Karina said.  “In college, I plan to combine the Journalistic Reporting and Strategic Communication majors which gives me the opportunity to follow different pathways in school, between advertising, communications, and journalism.”

Daisy, Co-Editor-in-Chief, also hopes to continue her journalistic career throughout her studies at Georgetown University.  She plans to minor in Journalism and write for the student-run newspaper, The Hoya

“Over my four years on staff, I have developed a passion for journalistic writing and the editorial process.  Next year, I am going to the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) at Georgetown University,” Daisy said.  “I am not totally set on my major, but right now I am planning to study Foreign Policy with a minor in Journalism.”

Juliana, Content Editor, will be attending Bucknell University, and she is planning on writing for the student newspaper The Bucknellian.

The members of the Editorial Board all hope to write for student-run publications at their respective colleges.  Daisy Steinthal ’19

“Unfortunately, Bucknell does not offer Journalism as a major, however, I would like to write for The Bucknellian which is the weekly student newspaper,” Juliana said.  “I think being a reporter and member of the Editorial Board for the King Street Chronicle will help me bring leadership and collaboration to a college newspaper.”

Katherine, Video Content and Photo Content Editor, and Co-Features Editor, plans to pursue journalism at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.  The KSC has helped prepare Katherine for her future journalistic interests in college.     

“My time on the KSC as both an editor and writer will definitely be beneficial to me next year in my studies at college,” Katherine said.  “The KSC really functions as a student-run newspaper, which allows students to gather real-life skills as opposed to a teacher just directing us as to what to do.”

Featured Image by Natalie Dosmond ’21