"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Caroline Conrod ’19 and Natty Pazos ’19

Caroline Conrod ’19:
What have you learned from participating in the Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA) Track and Field Tournament?
“From participating in the FAA Tournament, I have learned the power and value of teamwork.  Every person on the team did their part and competed to the best of their ability, despite many people adding new events they had never done before.  In the end, everyone and everything came together so well and it was amazing to see everyone succeed in their events.”
What is your strongest event in a Track and Field meet?
“My strongest event in a Track and Field meet is the 800-meter, which is two laps around the track, or half a mile.”
What will you miss about your team next year?
“I will definitely miss all of the cheering, encouragement, and support everyone on the team has for each other, not only at every meet, but every practice as well.”

Natty Pazos ’19:

What have you learned from participating in the FAA Tournament?
“I have learned that passion, hard work, and determination are just as essential as technique and ability; with the smallest team at the FAAs and limited access to a track, our team was amazingly still able to snag the title despite these setbacks because of our tenacity, spirit, and teamwork.  I’m so proud of our accomplishment, and it’s something that I’ll look back on in the future with so much pride and love for my team.”
What is your strongest event in a Track and Field Meet?
“The past few years, I’ve traditionally been a 400-meter runner (which I was pretty decent at), and occasionally I’d do a 200-meter or a 100-meter.  This season, I was unfortunately injured, but it lead me to my new passion: throwing and jumping. I’m so sad that I didn’t start throwing in the past few seasons because I absolutely love it.  With that being said, I’d say my strongest event this season would be either javelin or high jump.”
What will you miss about your team next year?
“I’ll definitely miss hanging out with the team during meets and practices, their positivity in the face of 400-time trials, and contagious laughter when telling crazy stories.  They are the best people ever, and somehow they make the tough practices and eternal meets bearable. Memories, like bowling the night before the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) tournament last year, singing on bus rides to meets, and laughing together during practice will stick with me forever.  The amazing people that make up the track team are the reason I continued to sign up season after season. I really look forward to visiting in the future and seeing how far the team has come! I’m so happy to have been able to captain such awesome girls with Caroline this past season, and I’m going to miss them so much.”

King Street Chronicle thanks seniors Caroline Conrod ’19 and Natty Pazos ’19 for their contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Caroline Baranello, Arts & Entertainment Editor and Photo Editor
-Compiled by Christine Guido, News Editor