Guide to Greenwich – Senior Edition 2019

May 21, 2019

In this edition of Guide to Greenwich, I traveled to check out the favorite Sacred Heart Greenwich senior’s lunch hotspots. I bought and enjoyed a variety of salads offered in each place.

Aux Délices

Caroline Baranello ’20
Aux Délices’ to-go Cobb Salad is convenient for an on-the-go customer. Caroline Baranello ’20

The first stop was Aux Délices, located in Riverside, Greenwich.  As I entered the small café, I noticed that the line was long and full of people waiting to order. I walked over to the pre-packaged food cooler and perused the salad options. After looking at the variety of salads, I decided to choose the Cobb Salad.

The salad was $9.99.  I chose to sit in the available outdoor seating.  As I prepared my salad, I was eager to discover what it would taste like.  I added the balsamic vinaigrette dressing and mixed the different toppings with the romaine lettuce.

The Cobb Salad was a refreshing delight.  The mixture of blue cheese, egg, and tomatoes was very well blended.  In addition, the mixture of the bacon and the smoked turkey was not too overpowering and allowed for an altogether satisfying meal.


Caroline Baranello ’20
Chopt allows customers to make their own salad, while also presenting a large menu variety. Caroline Baranello ’20

Next, I stopped at Chopt Creative Salad Company, also located in Riverside.  When I entered the salad shop, I was greeted almost immediately by the friendly and helpful staff.  The line to create your own salad was not too long, but it gave me enough time to decide what type of salad I wanted to order.  I chose a salad from the menu rather than creating my own salad.

I ordered the Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad for $10.29.  When they finished collecting the ingredients, it was time to chop the salad. The signature actions of the restaurant, chopping and mixing my salad right in front of me, added to the great flavor by mixing all the ingredients.  When the salad was finished being chopped, they added the Chimichurri Ranch dressing.

I decided to sit in the restaurant and eat my salad, as there was no outdoor seating.  The salad was beautifully blended and the mixture of the panko fried chicken, spicy peppers, celery, and Chopt lettuce blend with the dressing made this a very exceptional salad.

Green & Tonic

Caroline Baranello ’20
The Signature Harvest Salad from Green and Tonic is a perfect option for any hungry senior looking for lunch. Caroline Baranello ’20

My final destination was Green & Tonic, located in Cos Cob, Greenwich. The restaurant was calm and was not too packed. When I entered, I located the cooler and scanned the variety of salads. The staff greeted me and asked if I needed assistance. I decided to ask which salad they would recommend and they suggested the Signature Harvest Salad. 

I paid $10.95 for the salad. At first, I was hesitant to buy the meal because the size of the salad was very small and the price was high. However, I purchased the salad and chose a seat by the window to eat it.

Although the price of the salad was high, it was very delicious and light. The lemon tahini dressing provided a fresh glaze over the baby arugula and baby spinach. The black lentils mixed well with the roasted butternut squash and roasted carrots.  Overall, however, the salad did not give me the enjoyable taste I was hoping to receive for such a high price. 

Overall, I enjoyed the taste and the different mixture of each salad. Ultimately, the winner of this edition of Guide to Greenwich is the Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad from Chopt Creative Salad Company.  I truly savored the salad and the variety of other options that the restaurant offered. I enjoyed traveling around Greenwich and sampling some of the seniors’ favorite lunch spots.

Featured Image by Caroline Baranello ’20