Newly renovated student Core Center brings the Upper School community together

Over the summer, Sacred Heart updated the furniture, carpeting, walls, and more in Caroline’s Core Center.  Courtesy of  Ms. Rachel Zurheide

Over the summer, Sacred Heart Greenwich renovated Caroline’s Core Center, the Upper School student center named in memory of Caroline Dym ’18.  The parents of the Class of 2020 participated in funding the updates to the Core Center, which include, a new rug, couches, lockers, tables, and chairs.  Students utilize the new furniture to study, socialize with friends, and eat lunch. 

The renovations also provide enough lockers for all 82 students in the senior class.  As part of a Sacred Heart tradition, now every senior will have a locker inside the student center.  In past years, not all seniors have had a locker in the Core Center.

Lily DeConcini, senior Class President, discussed the different ways in which she spends her time in the Core Center. 

“Out of everything the Core Center provides our school with, I personally love the atmosphere it has daily,” Lily said.  “Everyone is always entering and leaving.  It is a great place to socialize, but also get work done.”

In addition to the new furnishings in the Core Center, both Miss Karen Panarella, Upper School Dean of Students, and Ms. Maura O’Grady, Upper School Assistant Dean of Students, have brand new offices located inside the room.  Miss Panarella addressed the many ways in which the Core Center updates help bring the Upper School community together.

Students are able to utilize the open space with new tables to study. Sofia Pye ‘21

“The renovation has been beneficial for many reasons,” Miss Panarella said.  “It has created a very inviting space for students, but also can be used for evening functions such as Open Houses and college nights.  Also, all Senior lockers are in the Core Center now which is great.”

Senior Sally Carter, Upper School Student Body President, shared her favorite aspects of the new Core Center.

What I love most about the Core Center is getting to spend time with my friends there,” Sally said.  “Whether we are relaxing or doing work, the space is so inviting and makes my school days much more enjoyable.”

Featured Image by Sofia Pye ‘21