Welcoming a new year of curiosity, dedication, and gratitude 

October 1, 2019

As members of the Class of 2020 and the co-Editors-in-Chief of the King Street Chronicle, we are thrilled to welcome you to a new year.  We hope to instill a passion for journalism in our new staff writers, continue the love of writing in our editors, and, once our time comes to an end this spring, leave a legacy of dedication, curiosity, and exploration.  

Christine Guido ’20 and Sydney Gallop ’20, Co-Editors-in-Chief, look forward to leading the King Street Chronicle this academic year.  Lé-Anne Johnson ’21

We are equally excited about the King Street Chronicle’s new digital platform.  We know it will enhance the quality of our multimedia digital content and provide a more user-friendly experience for our readers.

To begin the school year, senior Sally Carter, President of the Upper School, welcomed the student body by announcing the theme for the 2019-2020 school year, an Attitude of Gratitude. 

“As students of the Sacred Heart, we have been blessed with a truly life-changing education that has catalyzed immense social, religious, and personal growth within all of us,” Sally said in an email to all Upper School students.  “It is our duty to highlight these fundamental values, stay rooted in the Five Goals, and bring our tenacity and grace out into the world.”

Within the newsroom, we hope to bring awareness to the unique opportunity each of us has to study journalism reporting at Sacred Heart.  From weekly columns to podcasts, live streams, videos, and making connections within our Sacred Heart community, the journalistic experience pushes us to question, observe, and report about communal, national, and global issues.

“As students of the Sacred Heart, we have been blessed with a truly life-changing education…

— Sally Carter '20


Following Sacred Heart tradition, the Class of 2020 decorates the windows of Caroline’s Core Center.  Sydney Gallop ’20

Rooted in the five Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Heart education, we hope to reinforce gratitude and appreciation in not only our writers and editors but also in our readers.  Sally echoed a desire to give thanks to those in our community who are committed to excellence.

“We are also incredibly blessed with a loving family of sisters at Sacred Heart who are always looking out for one and other; it is vital to recognize just how lucky we truly are,” Sally said.  “We must say thank you to all those who have been so impactful developing our strength as young women of the Sacred Heart.”

With a platform as professional as the King Street Chronicle, we are extremely humbled by the privilege of leading the 2019-2020 school year in the newsroom.  Throughout the year, we will acknowledge those who allow us to share our passion for journalism with the public.  We hope to spread our enthusiasm to inspire years of rigorous reporting and a variety of coverage long after we graduate.  

We are thrilled to welcome you to this new school year and the seniors’ final year with the King Street Chronicle

Seniors Sydney Kim, Christine Guido, Amelia Sheehan, Sydney Gallop, and Caroline Baranello are the 2019-2020 senior Editorial Board of the King Street Chronicle.  Lé-Anne Johnson ’21

Featured Image by Sydney Gallop ’20 and Christine Guido ’20

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