“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Kristin Morrow ’23

What is the Christmas production in which you are participating?

“I am currently participating in A Christmas Story at Curtain Call, a community theatre in Stamford, Connecticut.  I am in the youth ensemble in this show.  This show is about Ralphie Parker, a nine year old boy who desperately wants a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas, and is based off of the classic movie.  The story follows Ralphie through his many attempts to convince all he knows that he should get the gun for Christmas.”

What do you enjoy most about participating in this Christmas show?

“The thing I enjoy the most about the show is the people I do it with and the smiles and reactions from the audience.  It is so gratifying to see the many hours of hard work pay off during each performance, and amazing to know that the show is making so many people smile.  It takes a lot of work to run a show, and it is so amazing to see all of the work pay off.  In community theater, the people are a huge part of the experience.  The people involved in this show are so amazing, talented, and kind, and they constantly remind me what theater is all about.” 

How does your participation in this show enrich your Christmas experience?

“My participation in this show enriches my Christmas experience because I am able to share the holidays with other people and I am able to spread the joy of Christmas with everyone who comes to see the show.  During every show, the cast gets so close, and we act like family friends through the time that is spent together, and the trust and reliance that is built.  We all spread the holiday spirit amongst each other, including putting up Christmas decorations in the dressing rooms.  This show brings all emotions to the table, and everyone can relate to a part of the Christmas that the Parker family experiences.  The show brings so much Christmas joy to me, as the smiles and laughter that everyone in the audience shows spread so much love and joy, and remind me of the love and joy that we all experience during Christmas time.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks freshman Kristin Morrow ’23 for her contributions to “Humans of the Sacred Heart.”

Photo by Natalie Dosmond ’21