12 Days of Christmas — Day 4


During the twelve days until Christmas break, the King Street Chronicle will again present staff favorites from the holiday season.  This fourth edition will not include four calling-birds, but beloved Christmas songs, memories, recipes, movies, and crafts.




Song:White Christmas” performed by Frank Sinatra.

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Recipe: Peppermint Mocha Lava Cake 

  • Total Time
    • 46 minutes 
  • Makes
    Courtesy of sugarhero.com
    • Eight lava cakes 
  • Ingredients
      • Six ounces semi-sweet chocolate finely chopped
      • Four fluid ounces International Delight Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer (one-half a cup)
      • One ounce unsalted butter (two tablespoons)
      • Eight ounces semi-sweet chocolate finely chopped
      • One ounce unsweetened chocolate finely chopped
      • Eight ounces unsalted butter cubed (one cup)
      • Four eggs and four egg yolks
      • Six ounces powdered sugar (one and one-half cups)
      • Three and one-half ounces all-purpose flour (three-fourths cup)
      • One-half tablespoon of peppermint extract
      • Four fluid ounces International Delight Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer (one-half a cup)
      • One ounce unsalted butter (two tablespoons) 
  • Steps
      • 1) Combine the chocolate, International Delight Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer, and butter in a medium microwave-safe bowl.  Microwave for 45 seconds, then whisk well.  If chunks of chocolate remain, melt in microwave in short bursts, whisking after each one, until the chocolate and the ganache is smooth and shiny.
      • 2) Press a layer of cling wrap on top of the ganache and refrigerate it for about 90 minutes, until set.  (It will still be slightly soft, but needs need to be able to scoop and roll it.)  Dust the hands with a light coating of cocoa powder.  Use a small candy scoop or a teaspoon to scoop a one-inch ball of chocolate, and roll it until it is round and even.  Set the truffle on a baking sheet covered with parchment or waxed paper, then repeat until there are eight truffles. 
      • 3) Place the truffles in the freezer while preparing the lava cake batter.  Reserve the remaining ganache to make a chocolate sauce later.
      • 1) Preheat the oven to 350° F.  Spray eight one-cup ramekins with nonstick cooking spray, and set them on a baking sheet.
      • 2) Combine the semi-sweet chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, and butter in a medium microwave-safe bowl.  Microwave for one minute, then whisk well.  If chunks remain, heat in short bursts and whisk until the mixture is completely smooth and melted.
      • 3) In a large mixing bowl, combine the eggs, yolks, and powdered sugar.  Whip them together for about one minute, until frothy.  Add the melted chocolate to the egg mixture and mix until combined.  Finally, add the all-purpose flour and peppermint extract, and gently fold everything together until no streaks of flour remain.
      • 4) Divide the lava cake batter evenly between the prepared ramekins.  Press a frozen truffle into the center of each cake, and gently swirl the top of the batter to cover the truffle.  Bake the cakes for 14-16 minutes.  They should be set around the edges, but very soft and jiggly and almost “wet” looking in the middle.
      • 5) Let them cool for about ten minutes at room temperature, then gently pull the cakes away from the sides of the ramekins to loosen them.  Place a plate on top of a ramekin, flip it upside down, and remove the ramekin to release the cake onto the plate.
      • 6) Top the lava cakes with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.  Heat the remaining ganache in short bursts and whisk until smooth to make a peppermint mocha chocolate sauce that can drizzle over the cakes.  For optimal enjoyment, cut and eat the cake when the centers are still fluid when they are cut.
      • 7) The lava cakes can be made in advance because they keep very well.  Store them in the ramekins, or remove them carefully and store them on a baking sheet.  Make sure they are well-wrapped in plastic wrap, so they do not dry out, and keep them in the refrigerator.  To serve, just warm them up in the microwave for 20-30 seconds (err on the shorter side to start!) so that the inside becomes molten chocolate again. Enjoy!
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Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

“The hard-won uplift and triumph of director Frank Capra’s fantasy drama has not lost a bit of its power over the decades.  James Stewart gives his most iconic performance as George Bailey, a banker who discovers the value of his life thanks to a visit from his guardian angel.  According to the American Film Institute, It’s a Wonderful Life is the most inspiring movie of all time,” courtesy of parade.com



Craft: Mason Jar Lid Christmas Tree Door Hanger

Courtesy of craftymorning.com
  • Supplies
    • 15 canning lids
    • 14 small ornament bulbs
    • Twine/Wire
    • Hot glue gun and hot glue 
    • Metal glue
  • Instructions
    • Start by twisting a wire between two canning rings.  Then, attach three more lids to create the tree’s base.  For each of the following rows, use one less canning ring until there is only one left. 
    • Use twine or wire to hang the ornaments then put a dab of hot glue in the back to secure them. 
    • Add a star ornament to the top and a burlap bow to the bottom!


Courtesy of Ursula Vollmer ’21



Memory: Ursula Vollmer ‘21 

My grandpa is from Sweden and every Christmas we make a traditional Swedish baked good called Santa Lucia buns.  They are these really yummy doughy infinity sign shaped bus and are delicious with tea.  We all like to enjoy them together and they are something we always make every year.”





Featured Image by Caroline Baranello ’20