Barat Center takes part in Christmastime cheer


Libby Kaseta '22

Students at the Barat Center enjoy celebrating during the Christmas season.

Sacred Heart Greenwich is home to many Christmas traditions, even for the youngest members of the community.  The school welcomes the Christmas season with joy and enthusiasm, especially in the Barat Center for Early Childhood.  The Barat Center, an education center for children ages three to five at Sacred Heart, celebrates by decorating gingerbread houses, participating in the annual Christmas Pageant, reading Christmas stories with fourth grade Prayer Buddies, and creating arts and crafts.

The students at the Barat Center look forward to decorating the Imagination Station for the holiday season. Libby Kaseta ’22

Sacred Heart created the Barat Center for the development of each child’s intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being, according to

During the Christmas season, the Barat Center teachers and students decorate the Imagination Station as the North Pole with handmade projects and crafts relating to the North Pole and Christmas.  The Imagination Station is an installation that changes periodically to allow students to imagine that they are in a different place.

The students also read Christmas stories and construct an annual Christmas project.  Each year, the Christmas project changes.  In addition, Mrs. Eva Carrasquero, Chair of the Music Department and Lower School Music Teacher, produces a Christmas Pageant in which the children participate. 

Sacred Heart has produced the annual Christmas Pageant for more than 30 years This celebration is a Christmas tradition for students in the Barat Center through first grade.  This year, the Barat Center students are cast in the play as stable animals who visit Baby Jesus. 

Isabella, a 5-year-old student at the Barat Center, remarked on her role in the Christmas Pageant.

“Doves are my favorite,” Isabella said.  “I get to dress as a bird in white clothes.”

Isabella, a student at the Barat Center, enjoys participating in the Christmas Pageant during the holiday season.  Libby Kaseta ’22

The Barat Center is creating new tradition and memories this Christmas season.  Ms. Madeline Scheck, Barat Center Lead Teacher, commented on how she enjoys celebrating the Christmas season with her students.

“One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to wear our Christmas Pajamas and have our fourth grade Prayer Buddies read to us,” Ms. Scheck said.  “On the last day of school before break, Santa Claus pays the Barat Center a visit from the North Pole.”

Valentina, a 5-year-old student, reflected on her favorite part of Christmas at the Barat Center.

“My favorite part of Christmas is decorating the inside and the outside of my house with my family,” Valentina said.  “I also like reading Christmas stories, like Mickey Mouse.” 

Featured Image by Libby Kaseta ’22