Laura O'Connor '23

Every Christmas, Laura’s family gathers together to make these festive tarts.

Linzer Tarts

Laura O’Connor ’23 shared this Linzer Tarts recipe for the holiday season.




  • One cup of butter
  • One and one-half cup of flour
  • One and one-half cup of powdered sugar
  • Two egg yolks


1) Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

2) Put in a plastic bag and refrigerate overnight.

3) Flour the table and roll out the dough until it is one-fourth of an inch thick.

4) Cut out two-inch rounds and place them on ungreased baking sheets.

5) If desired, cut out designs from cookie tops.

6) Bake fifteen to twenty minutes at 350°F, until done.

7) Take from oven and roll in confectioner’s sugar.

8) Use raspberry or apricot jam to create cookie sandwiches.

Laura shares her grandmother’s classic German recipe, Linzer Tarts. Claire Moore ’22

“My grandma gave me this recipe.  Every year the whole family comes together a week or two before Christmas, and we end up making around 2,000 cookies; it’s insane.  One year my grandma let me make them by myself, which is an honor in my family,” Laura said.  “This recipe is shorter in length, and simpler, compared to other recipes we make, but the final product is always very good.”

Featured Image Courtesy of Laura O’Connor ’23

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