“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Rachael Ali ’20

How do the Madrigals prepare to sing with the Concordia College GospelKnights? 

“This is my third time singing with the GospelKnights.  Every year, they come a few days before the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. prayer service and run through their songs with us during Madrigals.  Madrigals also get to skip the period before the prayer service to practice one more time.”

What did you learn from your experience of singing with the GospelKnights?

“I have learned to have fun and let loose while performing.  It is a lot more fun when both you and the audience are having a good time, the energy is incredible and honestly indescribable.”

What was the most memorable part about singing with the GospelKnights?

“Honestly, because we have seen the GospelKnights every year for three years, it is like a little reunion whenever they come back.  It warms my heart when they remember us specifically.  I love welcoming them to our school and letting them know how grateful we all are that they come every year.  Also, some of the women bring their babies which is always a delight.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Rachael Ali ’20 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”