“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Franny O’Brien ’22 and Lucy Catalano ’22

What research will you be presenting at the CT STEM Fair?

“We will be competing in the research proposal category as a team.  Our research proposal is titled ‘Evaluation of Alternative Deicing Substances Using Sodium Chloride and Calcium Chloride as Baseline Deicers to Establish an Environmentally-Friendly Approach to Ice Melting.’  We believe that there is a demand for new de-icing methods that do not have the detrimental effects of rock salt or the newer “eco-friendly” options that have concealed disadvantages.  We have studied combinations of beet juice, calcium chloride, and brines, such as pickle juice, cheese brine, and potato juice.  These are less toxic and more natural alternatives.  We have proposed that research will be conducted to determine the best possible low-cost way to melt ice while not harming the environment, road infrastructure, or animal life.  This is important because there have been years of loading rock salt onto our roads with no thought of consequences.” 

What do you hope to gain from your experience at the fair?

“We hope to gain more knowledge and more experience at the fair this weekend.  We cannot wait to learn more about other student projects and receive constructive advice from the judges to improve our future projects.” 

How will attending the fair further your research?

“Through receiving input from the experienced judges assessing our project, we will be able to take their opinions and recommendations to further our research.  The judges’ valuable feedback and our independent observations of other students’ projects will exhibit how we can take our work to the next level.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks sophomores Franny O’Brien ’22 and Lucy Catalano ’22 for their contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”