“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Fran Iraola ’21

What is your goal for your Spanish Tutoring program?

“My goal for my Spanish Tutoring program is to not only be able to share my love and passion for my native language, Spanish, but also to inspire young girls who are learning it to become more excited about learning languages.  I believe the best way to inspire these girls is to make their learning experience easier in any way I can, and to help them believe that they can and will be able to achieve success in the Spanish language.”

How do you believe this program will help connect Middle and Upper School students at Sacred Heart Greenwich?

“I believe this program will allow for more connections between the Upper and Middle School because these younger girls look up to Upper School students.  By being one-on-one with the students, it is easy to build relationships and allow the Middle School students to become more comfortable around older students.  Not only is it a good example for them, but they are receiving help from someone who has been in their position before.”

Why do you think it is important to start advancing foreign language skills in Middle School?

“I think it is extremely valuable for Middle School students to be interested in language at a young age so they become more invested in spending time and effort to learn it.  By doing this, students will go into the Upper School at a higher level, and will be more dedicated to studying it.  Furthermore, I believe language is the most important thing to learn, as it gives you a whole different pathway to communicate with the world.  Many times in school, language is overlooked by other core subjects, so by exposing younger students to the language more, they realize its importance.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Fran Iraola ’21 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”