“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Dr. Marcia Josephson

What is your favorite part of World Language Week?

“Oh, it is all fun.  There are some rather standard activities such as prayer in a different language each day at Morning Meeting, but also some creative activities such as skits, musical numbers and simple interactive games.  This year there will also be an opportunity to purchase Central American handicrafts at very modest prices.” 

Why do you believe it is important to celebrate World Language Week?

“We are living in an era of increasing globalization, and our graduates, in order to be equipped for the future, need to expand their horizons and be not only capable of speaking languages other than English, but also be cognizant of cultural norms of other societies.  In our classes, we endeavor to lead Sacred Heart girls along this path, and World Language Week provides an opportunity to celebrate together our achievements and share the spirit of our respect and acceptance of other cultures.”

What do you enjoy most about teaching World Languages?

“It is a great joy to watch the progress of each of my students.  There are some with whom I have worked for three years, culminating in the Advanced Placement (AP) French Language and Literature course.  To watch their growth in language skills and intellectual maturity is fascinating and very rewarding.  Many of those young women continue their French studies in college and come back to share their experiences.  They have been permitted to enter the university French program at an advanced level and consequently to acquire a French minor along with their other specialties such as International Relations.  In today’s world, fluency in a second or third language can often be the skill that differentiates the candidate in the job market.” 

The King Street Chronicle thanks Dr. Marcia Josephson, Upper School World Language Teacher, for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”