Guide to Greenwich – Staycation


Christine Guido '20

For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, I explored different locations to visit when staying home for spring break. 

For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, I explored Greenwich and ventured to White Plains, New York to review different locations to visit when staying home for spring break.

Tod’s Point offers visitors a relaxing hike with a beautiful view. Christine Guido ’20

Tod’s Point

My first stop was Tod’s Point for a morning hike.  The scenery was beautiful and relaxing.  Tod’s Point has many walkways and trail paths, perfect for different types of hiking experiences.  I decided to take the more scenic route and walk along the water.  After the hike, I built up an appetite and went to grab a bite to eat at the Beach House Cafe, located in Old Greenwich and only a five minute drive from Tod’s Point. 

The Beach House Cafe

The Open Faced Avocado Toast comes with a refreshing side of salad. Christine Guido ’20

The Beach House Cafe was serving brunch when I arrived.  The restaurant’s atmosphere is lovely.  The staff was kind, accommodating, and seated me quickly.  I ordered the Organic Salmon Tacos for $15.50 and the Open Faced Avocado Toast for $14. 

The salmon in the Organic Salmon Tacos was lightly blackened and cooked to perfection.  The Avocado Toast had two sunny side up eggs, topped with half an avocado sliced on multi-grained bread drizzled with spicy mayonnaise. 

Both meals were excellent, but my favorite was the Organic Salmon Tacos because of the combination of flavors and fresh fish.

Greenwich Library

The Greenwich Library has a variety of seating options. Christine Guido ’20

My next stop was the Greenwich Library, located on West Putnam Avenue.  It took a while to find a seat to start my work because the library was busy when I got there around 2 p.m.   

The Greenwich Library has seating for quiet studying on the main floor and second floor.  The children’s library is on the third floor and the basement has a small cafe.  Overall, the environment allowed me to concentrate on my work and study efficiently. 

After studying, I took the elevator down to the library’s cafe.  Unfortunately, it was not open, but the space would provide anyone with a perfect studying location and area to grab a beverage and a quick bite to eat.

Disclaimer: At the time of publication, the Greenwich Library is closed due to health and safety concerns.  Please check the Library’s website for updates.

The Westchester 

My last stop was The Westchester, a shopping center located in downtown White Plains, New York.  I looked in a few stores but did not find anything I wanted to purchase.  Shopping made me hungry again, so I found a donut shop called MAD Donuts located on the third floor.  The store’s hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Sundays.  I waited in a short line, but I was able to order my donuts and leave in under ten minutes.  The shop’s atmosphere was pleasing to the eye with its aesthetic white hydrangea flower petal wall, charming small tables, and neon pink glow signs.

MAD Donuts is a donut shop located on the third floor of The Westchester shopping mall. Christine Guido ’20

I bought the Everything Bagel donut for $4.25, which is part of the store’s #BASIC menu, and the Ruby Hibiscus donut for $3.75, featured on the store’s March #SEASONAL menu. 

The Everything Bagel donut tasted exactly like an everything bagel.  The donut had the perfect combination of sweet and salty with a cream cheese filling, and the donut dough even managed to have a similar texture to a bagel. 

Next, I tried the Ruby Hibiscus donut.  It tasted like raspberries coated in sugar.  This donut was sweeter than the Everything Bagel donut. 

The Ruby Hibiscus donut was my favorite out of the two because it was more of a traditional donut with the dough and sweet icing. 


After visiting each location to decide what would be the best activity to do over spring break when staying home, I concluded Tod’s Point was the winner.  I was able to take a leisurely relaxing walk along the beach without the interruption of cars.  Tod’s Point’s convenient location allows for easy access for shopping and eating in Old Greenwich. 

Featured Image by Christine Guido ’20