A month of poems: Day two

April 1 is the start of National Poetry Month.  Since 1996, this literary celebration honors the significance of poetry in world culture, according to poets.org.  Each school day this month, the King Street Chronicle will publish one poem to recognize this month-long commemoration of poetry.

Sofia Pye ’21

Inside the Hourglass
by Cecilia Duncan ’21

A glimmering galaxy of beige, ivory, flaming marigold—a sandstorm erupts.

Fluidly     floating and     flowing, the grains     mold into

majestic          mountains with          jagged peaks,

deep     crevices     with steep,     graduated slopes,

and   black   holes that   collapse into   themselves.

Pushing, hugging, and consuming each other,

the grains arrange an alluring avalanche

as gravity draws them down

through the portal,

to the next realm.

They are spectral—

sublime,    smooth, sleek.

Seemingly silent, but are a conch shell

with a harmonious song when held to the ear.

Pitter-patter,  pitter-patter, pitter-patter.  They  glide

as      jubilant      jellyfish in      their growing ocean.

As  graceful as galloping gazelles, they wander and wonder about.

Each  grain an  effervescent  star, gleaming  and glowing.  Together,  they

model  nature,  create new  life.  Designing   their own, truly  timeless universe.


Featured Image by Lé-Anne Johnson ’21