“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Gracie McDevitt ’20

What have been the main initiatives of your club, the Environmental Action Club? 

“I have always loved getting outside, whether I’m hiking, horseback riding, or skiing.  Later in high school, I became interested in environmental activism because I wanted to conserve and the places that are especially meaningful to me.  I noticed that Sacred Heart did not yet have an environmental club, so I proposed starting one at the beginning of my senior year.  The primary goal of the club is to raise awareness surrounding environmental issues in the school community and beyond.”

How do you think your club can help others to become more aware about environmental issues?

“The club has started to raise awareness about environmental issues including making the community aware of service opportunities related to these issues.  In addition, the club helped coordinate Sacred Heart’s civvies day fundraiser for fire relief in Australia earlier this year, raising over five hundred dollars to aid in the crisis there.  In the future, I hope to collaborate with groups at other schools in order to grow a larger community of young people who are passionate about our Earth.”

In the spirit of Earth Day, what do you think members of the Sacred Heart Greenwich community can do to preserve the welfare of our planet?

“There are so many simple ways that you can lessen your personal impact on our planet.  First, and perhaps most obvious, is to be more conscious about what you are throwing in the trash.  I suggest challenging yourself to find creative new purposes for recycled materials; there are lots of great resources online.  Second, try out being vegetarian or vegan for a day, if possible.  Factory farming is a massive contributor to global carbon emissions.  Finally, I encourage everyone to learn more about today’s most pressing environmental issues.  I love the organization Protect Our Winters.  They have some fantastic resources on the climate crisis and environmental-related legislation.  And most of all, please remember to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, while practicing social distancing, of course.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Gracie McDevitt for her contributions to “Humans of the Sacred Heart.”