A month of poems: Day 14

April 1 is the start of National Poetry Month.  Since 1996, this literary celebration honors the significance of poetry in world culture, according to poets.org.  Each school day this month, the King Street Chronicle will publish one poem to recognize this month-long commemoration of poetry.

“Cloudy Skies” Courtesy of Fran Iraola ’21

Milky Sky
by Lé-Anne Johnson


“The town does not exist. . .” – Anne Sexton


The cool sky swells 

The calm ocean water bubbles with excitement

As she paints her surroundings

She feels soft tears drip down her face


It is as beautiful as a painting

The intricate design of the clouds

Wrapped into the sun

The heart of the ocean beats

With an energy she cannot capture

In a simple canvas painting


The ocean seems calm

But in reality there is turmoil within the depths of it

The girl, intrigued with this dilemma,

Inches closer to this vast 


Pit of Mystery

Called the ocean


All the while

The sky 



Featured Image by Lé-Anne Johnson ’21