A month of poems: Day 16

April 1 is the start of National Poetry Month.  Since 1996, this literary celebration honors the significance of poetry in world culture, according to poets.org.  Each school day this month, the King Street Chronicle will publish one poem to recognize this month-long commemoration of poetry.

“Brown: poems” Courtesy of penguinrandomhouse.com

by Kevin Young


The honey bees’ exile

is almost complete.

You can carry


them from hive

to hive, the child thought

& that is what


he tried, walking

with them thronging

between his pressed palms.


Let him be right.

Let the gods look away

as always. Let this boy


who carries the entire

actual, whirring

world in his calm


unwashed hands,

barely walking, bear

us all there


buzzing, unstung.


Contributed by the King Street Chronicle staff.


Featured Image by Lé-Anne Johnson ’21