“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Justine Hounsell ’22

Why did you decide to get involved in making masks for workers on the frontline?

“I learned how to sew when I was nine years old and although I am not an expert sewer, I love to do small projects in my free time.  In mid-March, I started hearing all over the news about how there was a shortage of supplies and imagined how terrified doctors and other immunosuppressed people were of catching this virus.  I wanted to do something to help people but felt helpless.  Making masks seemed like an easy, safe, and helpful way to put my knowledge of sewing and the time at home to good use.  Before the quarantine, I had been working with the Cancer Support Center and was using my sewing skills to make caps and blankets for their patients.  Once the coronavirus started spreading, I contacted them and offered to make masks for their staff and cancer patients.  In addition, I wanted to get my community involved so I collected masks that Sacred Heart girls so generously made and gave them to an organization, Sew Happy, which provided the masks to frontline workers at New York Hospitals.”

How are you getting members of the community involved with service during this time?

“Especially during quarantine, it is hard to stay involved with our community and provide service.  In order to get my community involved, I reached out to all of the Sacred Heart girls with instructions looking for those willing to make masks or to simply provide the materials needed so I could make more masks.”

What are ways in which the community can help frontline workers during the pandemic?

“One of the biggest things the community can do is respect and remember the frontline workers who are risking their lives every day to save others by abiding by the social distancing guidelines.  We must pray for everyone who is affected by the coronavirus and stay hopeful as a community.  If anyone does have time, I would also suggest making masks whether it is for yourself or friends because it is very simple but very helpful.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks sophomore Justine Hounsell ’22 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”