Confessions of the Class of 2020


Caroline Baranello '20

Mae Harkins ’20 confesses her sins before the end of the school year.

Sophomore year, I refused to get on the bus to a field trip in the city because I wanted to stay and watch the GA FAA field hockey game that my sister was playing in.  I spent the whole day making posters and they won for the first time in over 30 years so I guess it was worth it.

I plan out my route to classes based on who I don’t want to run into that day and where they usually go.  I’ve gone through the Lower School and ducked into a random classroom on multiple occasions because of this.

My friends and I ate lunch in the practice rooms every day, and we used one of the signs that said “no food or drink in practice rooms” to cover the window. 

My friends and I took the broken Ladies Room sign off of the mansion bathroom and put it in the window of one of the practice rooms.  Two middle schoolers walked in thinking it was the bathroom.

Every time I drive when it rains I make sure my windshield wipers are the same speed as the people around me or slower because I don’t want to show that my eyesight is worse than others.

Teachers have had conversations with me thinking I was my sister.  I never knew what to say so I just started going along with it.

I once ate a cup of Froot Loops in the theater and immediately proceeded to spill them all on the floor between the aisles.

I went ghost hunting around midnight during Kairos…let’s just say I believe Mr. Favata’s ghost stories now!

Every day, I go through the “Do Not Enter” to get to the senior parking lot.

I only own 2 skirts, and I only wash them twice a month.

I have been to Camp Jewell three times.

For this whole year, the only day that I could ever park in the senior lot was for senior day.  Other than that, I parked in the side lot near the entrance to the field that was closest to the school. 

Throughout my years at Sacred Heart, I’ve been told multiple times in the cafeteria that I cannot get any more servings because I would go up for sevenths, eighths, ninths, and even tenths (on a good pasta day).

I enjoyed writing application supplements.

I dyed my hair red.

I was banned from using the toaster because I set too many fires.

One time someone left a pint of gelato in the core center so I ate it with a straw because I couldn’t find a spoon.

I have seen three teachers when I was on dates. 

I never thought I’d cry about not being able to go to school.


Featured Image by Charlotte Burchetta ’22