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Claire Miller ’22 begins a card for her new club, Compassion Cards.

Compassion Cards Club

The Compassion Cards Club is a new club established by juniors Elisa Taylor and Claire Miller in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.  The club’s mission is to create cards and gift baskets for senior citizens.  These are then sent to Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) sisters, seniors living in nursing homes, or seniors living in different countries.

Elisa and Claire decided to start this club to help seniors who feel isolated and unhappy during the pandemic.  Their goal is to give these citizens a sense of love, comfort, and hope in the midst of all the uncertainty going on in the world.  Though the cards and gifts may be minor, they hope to foster positivity and provide as much happiness as possible.

“We decided to start this club given the state of the world and the country right now,” Elisa said.  “Though simply making cards is nothing too extravagant, it is a nice way to make a small impact in someone’s life and one-by-one make the world a little brighter.”

Claire Miller ’22 begins a card for her new club, Compassion Cards.  Olivia Caponiti ’23

The club focuses on making gifts that reflect the time of year or holiday during which they create them.  The club heads hope that the holiday themes will give the recipients a sense of inclusion and connection during the holidays, which can be especially lonely if they are celebrating in quarantine.

“We are excited for the holidays because we plan to make several gift baskets with items like pumpkin candles, candy canes, and hearts drawings.” Claire said.  “We also hope to have a bake sale later in the year to fund these basket items.”

Compassion Cards also connects with Goal Three of the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria, “a social awareness which impels to action.”  Claire and Elisa prioritize the role of Sacred Heart values within their club.  They think that Compassion Cards emphasizes the importance of service to help different communities.

“In our club, you must be aware of what seniors citizens are going through in our world and make gifts in order to make them happier.” Elisa said.  “Though seniors can often be forgotten as they are not always directly affected by COVID 19, we must be aware of their struggles and seek for ways to help.”

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