Olivia Caponiti '23

The club leaders of the Women in STEM Club prompt a discussion in their meeting.

Women in STEM Club

Sacred Heart Greenwich welcomes the Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Club, led by juniors Chelsea Hyland, Abby Barnett, and Grace Gasvoda for the first time this year.  Their goal is to spark the interest of young Sacred Heart women in the male-dominated fields of science and math.

The club meetings will consist of discussions, work sheets, analysis, and lessons about all topics related to STEM.  In addition, the club heads plan to host professional scientists and mathematicians as speakers in order for the club members to learn about pursuing careers in these fields.

Abby Barnett ’22, Grace Gasvoda ’22, and Chelsea Hyland ’22 are the club heads of the Women in STEM Club.  Olivia Caponiti ’23

“We are most excited for Zooms with the different people in STEM where they will share their stories, passions, and everyday life within their jobs,” Chelsea said.  “It will be great for our members to get specific examples of the possible careers and be able to apply their classroom work to the real world.”

The club leaders strive to provide a space in which Sacred Heart students are able to explore their interests instead of following a set curriculum.

“There has not been any STEM clubs in the past so I wanted to provide an opportunity for people to take a form of STEM in a more fun and less-strict club atmosphere,” Abby said.  “We will base what we do during club meetings depending on our member’s interests.”

Women in STEM connects with Goal Five of the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria, “a personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.”  The members are able to grow in their knowledge of STEM while having the freedom to focus on whatever topic they wish.

“We can’t wait for a year full of fun, experiments, and growth,” Grace said.  “Women in STEM is going to be a great outlet for our members where they will gain valuable knowledge which will take them a long way in life.”

Featured Image by Olivia Caponiti ’23