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The Tea Club meets with leader Eva Canellakis ’21 October 30.

The Tea Club

Seniors Eva Canellakis and Gillian Galvin introduced The Tea Club to Sacred Heart Greenwich this year.  Their goal is to provide a safe and comfortable place for students to talk with their peers about events in their lives.  Every club discussion is dependent on how the members feel and the topics that they want to discuss, especially what stressors may be affecting their mental health.  The club heads bring tea, a soothing drink, to sip during each discussion.

The Tea Club values the importance of mental health.  Courtesy of

The club heads know that individuals are feeling overwhelmed and stressed about the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.  In addition, people must adapt to new ways of living, like wearing masks and social distancing.  Eva and Gillian formed The Tea Club so that Sacred Heart students can release some of their stress by relying on their peers.

“Our hope for this club is to provide a space where students can simply open up and relax,” Eva said.  “With both school and the coronavirus being so stressful, we think it is very important for students to be on top of their mental health.  We value the importance of dealing with your mental health in a social setting.”

The club heads also hope to be resources for their members and to form strong relationships.  The Tea Club is a safe and judgement-free community in which the leaders hope that all members care for each other.

“We are most excited to see and catch up with our members each time we meet,” Gillian said.  “We have dedicated ourselves to the success of every member of the club.”

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