Nutrition students learn the steps of a farm to table meal.

Nutrition & Wellness

SophieConnect began offering Nutrition & Wellness as a fall semester course in 2019.  This year, three Sacred Heart Greenwich students are taking the course. 

Nutrition students discuss nutritional trends, current food guides, food labels, and the many steps required to get food from the farm to the table.  They also learn about digestion and nutrients, according to sophieconnect.orgSenior Sam Novak is enrolled in the nutrition course this semester.

“I decided to take a class on SophieConnect because I have never taken an online class before and I thought it would be a new experience for me,” Sam said. 

Nutrition students supplement their learning through creative assignments such as reading articles, watching Edpuzzle videos, and reviewing slideshows.  SophieConnect classes give students the opportunity to develop independence through asynchronous learning that prompts them to figure out how to manage their time wisely.

“My favorite aspects of my Nutrition class are being able to make food in my kitchen and share this with the people in my course over Flipgrid, as well as leaving comments on discussions,” Sam said. 

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