In the AP Comparative Government & Politics class, students compare and contrast governmental systems of six different countries.

AP Comparative Government & Politics

Advanced Placement (AP) Comparative Government & Politics is a humanities class offered on SophieConnect.  The course introduces students to the variety of political structures of countries around the world.  Over the course of the year, students discuss the policies and challenges of the United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia, Iran, China, and Nigeria.

Seniors Ceci Duncan and Karina Adams are students of the AP Comparative Government & Politics course.  Ceci chose to take the class to gain an understanding of the world’s political systems. 

As a new voter, I love studying the governments of and current events in the six diverse nations that the course covers,” Ceci said.  “Overall, I am excited by the opportunity to grow my understanding of global politics, which I will in turn apply to make well-informed political decisions as a U.S. citizen.”

Karina decided to take a class on SophieConnect because of her interest in studying comparative government in college.  While the online experience is different from an in-person class, students are fully prepared to take the AP Comparative Government & Politics exam in the spring.

“The online class is very asynchronous, so most of the time it’s me learning on my own and doing assignments,” Karina said.  “I still learn a lot, however it’s a much more individual experience. My favorite aspect of the class is reading articles about current situations and applying concepts from the textbook to things that are happening right now.  Especially during election season, being educated on terminology and seeing how other governments work is very eye opening and helpful in my everyday life.”

SophieConnect’s virtual model allows students to complete their work when they choose.  Students have no set periods in their schedules for online classes, which encourages them to manage their own time to complete assignments.  While SophieConnect classes differ from the usual school experience, taking an online course is an experience that fosters student growth and success.

“My favorite aspect of SophieConnect is the opportunity to learn independently and comfortably,” Ceci said.  “I have previously struggled with the pacing of some of my in-person classes, which were too fast or too slow for my liking, and presented the material in incomprehensible ways.  By contrast, SophieConnect empowers me to become my own teacher and study in the ways that work best for my brain. I can read something four times, not read it at all, or watch a video on it—whatever suits my needs.”

“Fundamentally, discussing current events with my SophieConnect peers helps us all be better citizens. ”

— Ceci Duncan, senior

SophieConnect offers a chance for Sacred Heart Greenwich students to collaborate with students all across the country.  In this year’s AP Comparative Government class, there are five Sacred Heart Greenwich students and five students from other network schools.  This balance allows for a meaningful experience for all of the students.  

Every week, students complete a discussion board, which gives them the opportunity to interact with students from other schools regarding the lessons and material discussed in class.  Communication with students across the country fosters open minds and welcoming attitudes.

“My classmates from Missouri, California, and Virginia shared local attitudes on the monumental U.S. Presidential Election, which helped me understand it from a national viewpoint—not just a Greenwich viewpoint,” Ceci said.  “Fundamentally, discussing current events with my SophieConnect peers helps us all be better citizens.  Citizens who approach America’s deep-seated divisions with open-mindedness and inclusivity.” 

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