Students come together virtually to promote unity


Dylan Drury '22

The Masters School and the Rye Country Day school hosted a Saturday Summit on Social Justice, November 21. Dylan Drury ’22

The Saturday Summit on Social Justice, an interactive half-day conference centered around the theme of “Unity,” explored and examined the important roles that diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice have in the lives of students.  Hosted by The Masters School and Rye Country Day School, the fourth annual event took place virtually November 21.   

The summit served as a safe space for students to discuss topics such as code-switching, media stereotypes, environmental justice, gender and sexual identity, and institutional versus individual racism.  Through the seminar, students and faculty listened to the experiences of others pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), allowing the participants to connect on common ground.

Ms. Karen Brown and Mr. Ali Morgan, co-chairs for the Fairchester Diversity Practitioners Network, hosted the Saturday Summit on Social Justice.  Dylan Drury ’22

In previous years when the summit took place in person, there was an interactive activity that simulated real-life experiences of structural inequality in the United States.  Although the event was virtual this year,  it continued to provide opportunities for students to learn and communicate through group discussions and breakout rooms on Zoom.

Ms. Karen Brown and Mr. Ali Morgan, co-chairs of the Fairchester Diversity Practitioners Network, host the Saturday Summit on Social Justice every year.  Ms. Brown, Director of Equity and Inclusion at The Masters School, and senior student leaders decided that unity was a fitting theme for the conference this year.

“We got our Senior Student leaders together and asked them what was a theme that they thought would be important this year,” Ms. Brown said.  “It was their idea that they thought Unity during these divisive times would be an important and timely theme.”  

Ms. Brown enjoys hosting this event for students in the tri-state area every year as she realizes the importance of facilitating a conversation for students surrounding DEI.

“Our students always look forward to gathering together to discuss their common DEI goals and how they can move the needle forward,” Ms. Brown said.  “They also look forward to sharing their knowledge about various DEI and Social Justice Issues with other students/peers in the local tri-state area. It is a wonderful day for adults and students alike.

Junior Kayla Malcolm-Joseph attended the seminar for the first time this year.  She reflected on her meaningful time spent at the event.

“I gained a new perspective on how to approach talking about societal issues such as racism, sexism, ableism, and more inside and outside our classes,” Kayla said.  “It was really impactful to hear the stories of students who are fighting for change within their school communities, and it has encouraged me to do more.”

Senior Sasha Rivera took part in the seminar last year, and she found that even though it was virtual this year, she was still able to share her opinions and ideas with others.

In break out rooms, the seminar attendees discuss the movements in America regarding racism in break out rooms.  Courtesy of Kayla Malcolm-Joseph ’22

“I had only been to this summit at Masters once before, but aside from the obvious difference of not being in person, there really wasn’t anything different,” Sasha said.  “In fact, I remember last year discussion groups often went over the scheduled amount of time, which happened again this year.  People are just really open and excited to share, which really kept this event just as meaningful as in past years.”


Featured Image by Dylan Drury ’22