“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Mrs. Meghan Mara Ryan ’01

What is your favorite Christmas memory from your time at Sacred Heart Greenwich?

“It is hard to narrow this down.  I loved singing the 12 Days of Christmas in the hallway as an Upper School student, and now as an advisor, I always enjoy our advisory Christmas parties, but seeing the joy on the Lower School students’ faces when Santa comes for a visit every year is magical.  My favorite memory has to be from a few years ago when my daughter, Caroline, then in Barat Center, ran up and gave him a hug in front of the whole school.”

How has Christmas changed over the years in your household? 

“Thankfully, our Christmas traditions have stayed close to the same over the years, even from when I was growing up.  This year, we are going to miss out on our large family gatherings, which is unfortunate, but my family started a new tradition of ‘adopting’ local troubled teens to get Christmas presents for.”

How do you foster an atmosphere of holiday joy for your children? 

“I have been blessed with a very large family and we always try to be together at Christmas, this is where my children truly get the most joy from Christmas.  It is so exciting for them to see all of their cousins and extended family at the same place at the same time, Christmas is usually the only time of year that is possible.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks Mrs. Meghan Mara Ryan, Director of Alumnae Relations, for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”