Faculty and parents participate in conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion


Claire Moore '22

Faculty and parents of Sacred Heart Greenwich students participate in a conversation surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Noontime Knowledge seminar centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) took place January 13 over Zoom.  Select faculty from Sacred Heart Greenwich, as well as parents, engaged in discourse about social issues and shared their perspectives on how to promote acceptance and allyship within the school community.

Intersections meetings spark conversation surrounding inclusion.  Courtesy of Maddy Abramson ’23

Throughout the fall and winter, the Sacred Heart Admissions Office organized different virtual events to give prospective students and families opportunities to learn more about the school and ask questions.  The Noontime Knowledge series covers unique aspects of Sacred Heart.  For example, the upcoming presentation will discuss the Sacred Network schools focusing on the exchange program and the Global Scholars Program.

During this past Wednesday’s Zoom meeting, Mrs. Christine Gifis, Middle School Spanish Teacher, Assistant Dean of Students, and Seventh Grade Lead Teacher, along with Mrs. Samantha McCoy, Middle School History Teacher and Chair of Middle School History Department, spoke and presented about how students from the different grade levels express their individual views and voices.  Students in the Middle and Upper Schools have opportunities to participate in impactful discussions surrounding pertinent social justice themes through school clubs.  For example, Upper School students can attend Intersections meetings and Middle School students can attend a similar discussion group called Hearts Together.

Mrs. Margaret King, Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid, explained the meaning and importance of the most recent session on diversity and inclusion. 

Mrs. Margaret King, Mrs. Christine Gifis, and Mrs. Samantha McCoy present on diversity, equity, and inclusion to parents of Sacred Heart Greenwich students.  Kelly Haggerty ’23

“Along with sessions focused on each of the three divisions, College Guidance, Financial Aid, and the Sacred Network, we felt that it was important to host a Noontime Knowledge session focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion since this is a topic that is important to many of our prospective families and often comes up in our parent and student interviews,” Mrs. King said.  “Mrs. Gifis and Mrs. McCoy led our discussion on Wednesday, January 13th and shared how DEI work aligns with Sacred Heart’s mission, how we approach DEI work in each of the three divisions, and how students can be involved in DEI efforts if they feel drawn to that work.” 

In addition to faculty, students at Sacred Heart also engage in meaningful conversations surrounding DEI.  Seniors Destini-Joy (DJ) Green and Michala Rogers, co-heads of the Diversity Club, shared their insight about the impact of acceptance in the Upper School community.

“I think that it’s important to prioritize not only diversity but also inclusion in our school,” DJ said.  “There’s no point in having different voices and views in our school if they all just accept the people who have the same views as them, barring the exceptions where the differing views are about people’s right to life and justice.  Diversity and inclusion must go hand in hand in order for any system to get anywhere near equitable, and whatever the takeaways are from the upcoming Zoom meeting, they must be implemented and integrated into our Sacred Heart experience.”

Featured Image by Claire Moore ’22