“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Isabella Stewart ’22

How are you creating an open and safe space for intellectual discourse during Intersections?

“Intersections promotes a non-judgmental space where students and faculty feel safe to express their thoughts and are open to learning new things.  We try to educate our members on how to be respectful through some of our ‘media sparks’ and try to emphasize the importance of not basing opinions on stereotypes.”

What are some examples of “media sparks” you have used in past meetings?

“For the first Intersections meeting of this school year, Kayla Malcolm-Joseph and I, as co-presidents of the club, used sentences that were phrased in a demeaning manner as a spark.  In groups, students and faculty rephrased the sentences to be respectful.  We hoped that this activity could educate both students and faculty on how the phrasing of sentences can cause harm and would encourage students and faculty to be mindful when asking questions and sharing their opinion in future meetings.”

Why do you think it is important to discuss potentially controversial topics with the group?

“I think it is important to talk about topics that might be potentially controversial because not only can we learn as well as educate, but it can also be cathartic to be able to talk openly about topics that you may not feel comfortable talking about somewhere else.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Isabella Stewart ’22 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”