Vivi Caruso '23

In one of her art projects, Vivi Caruso ’23 creates an image of her dog using a precision knife.

Art – Vivi Caruso ’23

Sacred Heart Greenwich offers a variety of different art electives in the Upper School, such as Painting & Drawing and Art & Design.  Students cultivate their creativity through projects that include continuous line drawings, black and white still life, and fractured value drawings.

At a young age, sophomore Vivi Caruso found her passion for art in drawing and acrylic painting.  As a Sacred Heart student, she advances her artistic talents through the Painting & Drawing class with Ms. Marnie McLaughlin, Upper School Art Teacher.  Vivi also takes art classes outside of school to further develop her creativity.  She explained how art contributes to her overall well-being.

“I express myself through art by painting or drawing to release my stress or built-up emotions,” Vivi said.  “I feel a sense of relief and accomplishment when finishing an artwork.” 

One of Vivi’s artistic achievements was the completion of her scratchboard drawing.  The project consisted of using only a precision knife to create an image.  Vivi used more delicate cuts when drawing the dog fur to show the soft texture and used harsher cuts when creating the eye to get one solid color.  She explained the new techniques she learned while creating this project, which were crucial to its completion.

“My biggest art accomplishment this year is my scratchboard drawing,” Vivi said.  “I have never done a project like this before, as I only used an X-Acto knife to create my image.  I focused on bringing out the highlights by overlapping more lines and the lowlights by leaving areas blank, which is a technique that I can apply to my future artworks.  Through the class, I expand my knowledge in other areas of art that I never even knew existed or that I haven’t tried before, which is very interesting to me.”

Featured Image by Caterina Pye ’23