Courtesy of Madison Mezzatesta '21

Madison Mezzatesta ’21, along with alumnae Malika Amoruso ’20, Elisa Howard ’20, Kara Hodge ’20, and Sydney Kim ’20, perform in the 2019 Christmas Concert.

Music – Madison Mezzatesta ’21

Upper School students can immerse themselves in the musical realm through a variety of extracurricular options offered at Sacred Heart Greenwich.  These musical opportunities include Madrigals, Bell Choir, Jazz Band, and Upper School Orchestra.  Miss Annette Etheridge, Middle and Upper School Music Teacher and Upper School Music Director, directs the school’s choral group, the Madrigals, and Mr. Sean Lowery, Director of Upper and Middle School Orchestra and Upper School Chorus Teacher, oversees the Jazz Band.  Senior Madison Mezzatesta takes advantage of these musical opportunities by singing for the Madrigals and playing the drums for the Jazz Band.

Madison originally found her interest in music through her family.  Not only does she enjoy singing, but she is also passionate about creating her own music through her drumming talents.  She described how absorbing herself in music gives her the ability to truly express herself when performing.

“For as long as I can remember music has been a very important part of my life,” Madison said.  “My maternal grandfather was a drummer in a band, my mother works in the music industry, and both of my brothers are drummers.  I express myself in the music I perform and the instrument I play.  A small girl behind a large drum kit is often not a normal sight to most, however, to me, it is an escape from all worries and a hobby in which I can truly be myself.”

Madison explained how engaging with the musical opportunities at Sacred Heart has pushed her as a musician, allowing her to expand upon her preexisting talents.  Using the knowledge she has gained from these activities, Madison hopes she will be able to bring her newly cultivated skills to college and beyond.

“The Sacred Heart music program has taught me to embrace all opportunities and to try things I might not have ordinarily done on my own,” Madison said.  “One such example is volunteering to perform a solo in a vocal piece, or adding multiple drum tracks to the recordings.  I will take everything that I have learned at Sacred Heart and push myself musically in my college music programs and beyond.”

Featured Image Courtesy of Madison Mezzatesta ’21

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