Gabrielle Wheeler '23

Maddy Abramson ’23 presents various social justice topics at Intersections meetings.

Maddy Abramson ’23

Intersections is an Upper School club at Sacred Heart Greenwich that gives students the opportunity to discuss social justice issues.  Every Wednesday, students meet to have impactful discussions to consider the views of others and think about topics that are not often discussed in the classroom.  Sophomore Maddy Abramson is the communications editor for Intersections.

Last year, Maddy chose to join Intersections because of the club’s open and welcoming environment.  At the end of the year, she had the chance to further her involvement in the club by joining the Intersections’ executive team.  This role allowed her to become more involved in the creation of a safe and welcoming environment for her peers.

Maddy Abramson ’23 is the communications editor for Intersections.  Courtesy of Maddy Abramson ’23

The members of Intersections hope to educate themselves and the rest of the Sacred Heart community on important and difficult topics.  These discussions and presentations regarding social justice issues are pertinent to establishing a welcoming and safe school environment.

“I believe that the first step to solving these issues, even within just our Sacred Heart community, that we discuss in Intersections is talking about them openly,” Maddy said.  “I am always amazed at the open and welcoming attitude of the attendees, who are wholeheartedly prepared to listen and learn from others, even if they arrive with no prior knowledge of whatever our topic may be.”

As the communications editor, Maddy helps to organize the meetings, which includes reviewing the presentations for each meeting as well as speaking on various topics herself.  She enjoys learning from her peers in the student-led forums, which she believes is one of the best ways for the Sacred Heart community to become more educated on relevant social issues.

“My favorite part of being a member of Intersections is that I get to lead discussions about topics I care about,” Maddy said.  “I believe Intersections offers a unique learning opportunity in our community because it is a forum where we learn from not a teacher, or a lecture, but purely from each other.  Especially in the world today when everything is so fast-paced and it is hard to find time to stop and listen, Intersections offers an opportunity to anyone to share their opinion and be listened to without judgment.”

Featured Image by Gabrielle Wheeler ’23