Peer leaders are among the first to welcome freshmen to the Upper School.

MaryGrace Farrell ’21

Senior MaryGrace Farrell works with the freshman class as a peer leader at Sacred Heart Greenwich.  Peer leaders are seniors who mentor the freshmen in their first year of the Upper School, easing the transition from middle school and facilitating bonds between different grades.

MaryGrace has hoped to be a peer leader since her experience with the program as a freshman.  Reflecting on her own experiences in the Upper School, MaryGrace actively sought ways to form relationships with the underclassmen.

MaryGrace Farrell ’21 is a peer leader to a group of freshmen.  Courtesy of MaryGrace Farrell ’21

“When the time came to apply for the peer leadership program, I immediately knew I could not pass on this opportunity,” MaryGrace said.  “Throughout my years at Sacred Heart, I have been so fortunate to form relationships with several upperclassmen and I truly wanted to provide this year’s freshman with the same experience.”

Peer leadership is a unique aspect of the Sacred Heart experience as it develops lasting relationships between the freshmen and seniors.  The mentorship between the two grades allow seniors to contribute to the community, with the freshmen learning from the seniors.  The groups meet once every other week, and the meetings start with a fun activity that creates a relaxing atmosphere after a long day of classes.  During this time, the peer leaders connect with the freshmen in their group and offer any advice, taking from their experiences in the Upper School. 

MaryGrace feels that her role as a peer leader is a way for her to contribute to the Sacred Heart community and create lasting relationships with the freshman.  As a peer leader, she works with two other seniors who advise a group of freshmen for their first year in the Upper School.  

“I wanted to create an environment for any freshmen in which they would feel comfortable approaching me with any question or concerns they might have, no matter how small,” MaryGrace said.  “This time is really what makes peer leadership amazing because it allows the younger girls to open up without feeling any pressure or intimidation.  I know that even a quick wave in the hallway or a smile as you pass by can hold a lasting positive effect on a younger student.”

Above all, the peer leadership program at Sacred Heart allows seniors in their final year at the school to impart their knowledge to younger members of the community, leaving their mark on the future generations of leaders at the school.

“Peer leadership allows the seniors to give back to the Sacred Heart community and shape their own legacy as a senior class,” MaryGrace said.  “The values and traditions of each generation of seniors are passed on through the peer leadership program and I believe this is one of the best examples of leadership at Sacred Heart.”

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